REVIEW; GOBAM bathroom countertop organizer

Available on: Amazon

Price: $47.99

For: organizing countertop items (or video games)




WHEN I WAS INITIALLY PITCHED the GOBAM Bathroom countertop organizer, I was a touch skeptical. Sure, it was beautiful, the bamboo construction pretty to look at, but my focus is firmly on video games, premium audio and all things tech. That is, until I saw the organizer.

Now? It houses up to 40 video games, a couple remotes and a small, compact presence in my media.


GOBAM’s bathroom countertop organizer is a great bathroom asset with a minimal footprint. It’’s constructed from bamboo and looks absolutely amazing.

It ships via Amazon, so it ships fast, especially if you have Prime. GOBAM also offers several bamboo bathroom accessories, including bamboo bath mats and small countertop organizers.

Construction is pretty straightforward. The organizer includes two bamboo shelves, a small sliding drawer and the foldable organizer supports the shelves and drawer rest on. You can construct the organizer in less than 10 minutes.


For my review, the organizer never saw my master en suite. I set the organizer on my retro console TV stand for quick access to video games that I’m likely to play soon.

The organizer build is sturdy. However, if you don’t put the shelves in place properly, they will fall. Plus, the shelves are thin and often blend together visually if the top shelf falls.

Depending on the thickness of the video games, expect to fit up to 20 normal-sized video games, and 10-15 for larger, special-edition versions of the games.

HEIGHT MATTERS: The top shelf can store tall, OG PlayStation games (the black, long cases, not the tall, clear plastic cases) and pretty much many video game cases.

On the bottom shelf, space is a premium. You have little space above average Xbox 360/PlayStation 2 game cases.

As far as the sliding bottom drawer, it’s cute to look at, sturdy and has some heft. With all that said, you can’t fit a lot inside of it. In the organizer’s original configuration, you could fit about 6-7 tubes of lipstick, a couple eyeliners and maybe a makeup brush.


In my media-room configuration, I got three remotes; one longish LED TV remote, the Xbox One media remote and the small, white older Apple TV remote. That’s it. While I’d prefer a bigger drawer, that would completely defeat the purpose of it being called, “bathroom countertop organizer.”


CONCLUSION: GOBAM’s Bathroom countertop organizer is a nifty compact storage solution that would feel at home on a granite bathroom countertop, a roll top desk or in a media room/man space or video game oasis.

The organizer is great for showing off video game swag (Blu Rays/DVDs can work on the organizer, too) and accessories but at a premium price tag. Multiple bookcases are available on Amazon for just $10 more for a narrow, 5-tier bookcase. However, good luck putting that bookcase on a countertop.

VERDICT: 8 (out of 10)

At $30: I’d buy a couple more. It’s small enough for tight spaces. However, at nearly $50 - it will be $50 after taxes, you need to ask yourself if it’s worth it to you.