Houston Gamer’s 2022 Last-minute gift guide



WITH Christmas 22 coming in hot, it leaves us with little time to figure out what to buy the cherished gamer in your life.

Gift cards:

The classic, easiest fallback is gift cards. Major retailers (Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Amazon, GameStop), as well as the Big Three video game companies (Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony) offer virtual currency for their online stores via their apps/Web sites.

Benefits: Gamers get what they want. Online console marketplaces, as well as GameStop and Amazon, often offer deep discounts.

Disadvantages: gift cards require very little thought, but most gamers won’t turn them down!

Video games/software:

For mature gamers, 17 and older, who enjoy shooters, consider “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II” by Activision. It’s available on the Microsoft Xbox Series and Xbox One consoles, PC and Sony PlayStation consoles (PS4, PS5). The latest COD includes an updated multiplayer in “Warzone 2” and refreshed missions from CODs past.

If you are considering MWII as a gift, a great addition would be a new controller and a set of wireless headphones. More on both later.

If you want to serve and protect citizens without enrolling at your local police academy, grab a controller and give “Police Simulator: PatrolOfficers” a try. It’s an open-world simulation that gives players many scenarios that the boys in blue face daily. It’s available on PC, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox Series consoles and Xbox One.

Don’t want to bust drunken drivers or suspects with fake IDs? You can always play “The Sims 4” and the exhaustive collection of expansion packs and DLC. Want to relive your glory days in high school or college? There’s a pack for that. Dreams of being a social media influencer like M4d Ski11z? There’s a pack for that. Available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series/Xbox One and Mac OS.

Another cool idea? Retro games and retro classic systems (if you can find them). Sony, Sega, Nintendo and others offer updated mini consoles, packed full of classic arcade and console hits, most pixel-perfect arcade ports that look great on modern screens.

If your last name is Moneybags, congratulations on achieving top 1 percent status. For everyone else with money to spare, consider giving retro video games. From complete in box copies of “Fire Emblem: Awakening” for the 3DS, or a pristine, graded copy of Stadium Events for the NES, the sky is the limit. Literally. For some games, a second mortgage may be required, but the joy on their face would be worth it, right?!


I’ve embarked on Year 2 for my Series X and Nintendo Switch: Animal Crossing: New Horizon edition and have been satisfied. However, finding a Sony PlayStation 5, two years after release, is easier said than done. If you can find one at retail and can afford it, it would be an amazing gift.

Xbox Series X is not as elusive, but still may require some phone calls before burning fuel.


From professional controllers to gaming keyboards, gamers will appreciate a new peripheral like Imelda Marcos would welcome another dozen pair of stilettos (RIP, Shoe Queen).

The Big Three offer OEM controllers, with Sony and Microsoft offering pro controllers. Microsoft offers color customizations via their site, …..

Roccat, Razer are two leaders in computer peripherals. Their keyboards and mice are great for pro gamers, as well as casual players who want quality construction. Roccat’s Vulcan Max II, their Vulcan Max Mini offer RGB color shifting tech, as well as several customization options, like swapping out keys on their Vulcan keyboards.


If you can’t hear your enemy sneaking up on you, you’re toasty. Turtle Beach wants to fix that nagging issue. Their primo Stealth 700 (for Xbox and PS - unfortunately you can’t use the PS-branded headphones with an Xbox, or vice-versa) offers enhanced hearing, that will allow players to hear reloading, footsteps, grenade bounces much easier. In addition to that tech, the 700s Gen. 2 MAX also offers Bluetooth while playing a game! Need to take a call during an intense “Warzone 2” VIP escort? Answer it and you won’t miss a beat!


Still unsure of what to get a picky gamer? The Big Three offer online services that include online multiplayer, free games, discounts and special offers. Prices can vary, so check with your favorite gamer before buying a service. Broadband access is necessary, too.

Hope this guide helps you in your last-minute dash to snag gifts for gamers!